Securing your vote
in a simpler way

In an empowering move for retail investors, now enjoy the power to cast your vote in a paperless and hassle-free manner.

E-Voting is voting through an electronic system on resolutions of company requiring members/shareholder’s consent.

The need for e-Voting arises when a company wishes to pass a resolution by Postal Ballot or Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India has authorized NSDL for setting up an electronic platform to facilitate members / shareholders to cast vote in electronic form. E-Voting system created by NSDL is certified by Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India.

Any company which wants to facilitate e-Voting can use NSDL’s e-Voting system. This system is available for all the shareholders including those holding shares in Demat form with NSDL or other depository and also those shareholders holding shares in physical form.

User ID details


For Members who hold shares in Demat account with NSDL

8 Character DP ID followed by 8 Digit Client ID For example,
if your DP ID is IN800*** and Client ID is 12******
then your user ID is IN800***12******


For Members who hold shares in Demat account with CDSL

16 Digit Beneficiary ID For example,
if your Beneficiary ID is 13**************
then your user ID is 13**************