Fund Transfer
  What is the procedure for dematerializing physical share certificates?
Ans: You need to open a demat account in the name(s) in which the share certificates are and submit the share certificates along with the duly completed Dematerialization Request Form (DRF) either by courier or by hand delivery at the nearest IDBI Capital branch. You can also transpose-cum-Demat the shares.
  What is transposition cum demat & what is the procedure?
  How long will the dematerialization process take?
  What is the process for dematerializing physical shares of a joint account in case of death of one account
  How can I dematerialize shares with Pre Marital / Maiden names?
  Can I as a sole holder of the share certificates add one more name as a joint holder at the time of
      dematerializing share certificates?
  Which statements would I be receiving?
  How can I check for my demat holdings online on
  What is the procedure to transfer the shares from one demat account to other?