E- Margin is leveraged trading facility; under this product clients can buy stocks today & pay- up-to 5 days from date of settlement of the trade. T+7 days
“Margin” product provides clients the flexibility to leverage their future cash flows while capturing present investment opportunities. In simple words you can buy stocks even if you do not have sufficient funds (only part funding required) using the margin product.
“Encash” allows clients to get the sales proceeds credited to their linked saving account on the trading day instead of normal sell trade T+2 settlement.
Equity - SIP
Equity Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an instrument which facilitates wealth creation in a disciplined manner by averaging cost of Investments over a longer term. Forget timing the markets, take small steps to create a big investment corpus for future. SIP is similar to recurring deposits in Banks – the only difference is that it allows you an opportunity to earn possible capital gains and dividend income simultaneously
Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
Portfolio Management Services (PMS), service offered by the Portfolio Manager, is an investment portfolio in stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, structured products and other individual securities, managed by a professional money manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities unlike a mutual fund investor, who owns units of the fund.
COVER order (Cash and Futures)

Cover order allows you to place two simultaneous counter orders for the same scrip. First order is necessarily a Market Order and the second order specifies the Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP) and a Limit Price.

Since client places the Stop Loss Order simultaneously, while taking a position, the risk is automatically capped. Since, the risk is cap is known, the margin requirement is reduced.

HNI Advisory

IDBI Capital offers wealth advisory services to high-net-worth individuals (HNI) and corporate clients. HNW Advisory Desk has been designed to manage investments for HNI, Ultra HNI, NRI, Corporate and Trust Accounts. Advisory services backed by in-depth research, and an excellent tailored service offered by a well-qualified team of specialists with relevant industry experience makes IDBI Capital a name to trust among our esteemed clients.

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About E Margin


  1. Buy & Hold stocks till T+7 day and take advantage of possible appreciation in stocks..
  2. Enhances client’s buying power as the client needs to pay only a small percentage of the transaction value thus increasing the possible earnings capacity.
  3. Increases profit potential due to an longer investment horizon.
  4. Nominal delayed interest charge of around 0.06% per day on the outstanding amount, till client squares off the position.
  5. On or before , T+7 trading day E-Margin positions should be “Converted to Delivery” or Squared off by the client before 14:30 hours failing which these may be squared off by IDBI Capital. All losses incurred/ profits booked upon such square off shall be to the client’s account.

How to trade

  1. Login into your Trading account.
  2. Select scrip.
  3. Click on Buy, Select the exchange
  4. Select Product as "e-Margin"
  5. Enter the desired quantity and price of the scrip.
  6. Click on Know your Margin to calculate the margin requirement to place order.
  7. Place and confirm order,Track your Order status in Order Book
  8. To Square off your EMargin transactions on or before T+6 days, select Open Positions, select the open E-margin trade and choose the “Covert to Delivery” option. Provide for the residual funds and it’s done.

Terms & Conditions apply

About Margin


  1. Margin facility allows clients to take position upto 4 times of the client’s buying power. The client can either bring in the residual (shortfall) funds on the following trading day or square off the trade on the following trading day.
  2. Clients can leverage their funds to take advantage of BTST ( BUY TODAY SELL TOMORROW ) advises / calls.
  3. Ideal for gains from short-term trade opportunities without taking delivery of shares.
  4. Buy stocks by paying a fraction of transaction value.

How to trade

  1. Log into your trading account with your user id and password
  2. Click on Buy/Sell & Exchange as NSE
  3. Select the Scrip & Product as Margin
  4. Enter the type of order, quantity and price of the scrip
  5. Click on Know your Margin to calculate the margin requirement and place order.
  6. Track Order status in Order Book.

Terms & Conditions apply

About Encash


  1. Encash allows clients to get the sales proceeds credited to their bank accounts on the trade date.
  2. Permitted only for Sell transactions*
  3. Settlement on trade date on receipt of shares sold provides funds to meet any immediately cashflow requirements.
  4. A standard brokerage rate will be charged for EnCash transactions.

How to trade Online

  1. Log into your trading account with your user id and password
  2. Select Sell, select scrip; choose “EnCash” from product type.
  3. Put the Quantity & Price.
  4. Click on “place order” followed by order confirmation
  5. You can check the status in order book

*. 'Encash' transactions can be made only on the shares available in your Demat account

Terms & Conditions apply

About Equity SIP

You can choose from amongst two types of SIP methods, viz. Amount Based and Quantity Based SIP

Amount based SIP – In this, a fixed amount (of your choice) can be invested in stocks of your choice (selected from available list) at a pre defined frequency and duration. You can choose a maximum of 10 scrips and choose amount of your choice and duration from drop down.

Quantity based SIP – In this option, you can opt to buy a certain number of shares of a scrip and list upto 5 such scrips to purchase in each incidence of an SIP. You can select an appropriate duration for the SIP.


  1. Easy to track your investments through EQUITYSIP online.
  2. Convenience of modifying / suspending your EQUITYSIP.
  3. Choose between stocks, Gold ETFs or Index ETFs.
  4. Amount or quantity can be specified as per your requirement.
  5. Suspend and /or Restart your EQUITYSIP at your convenience.


Invest Smaller amount – develop an equity portfolio.

No need to invest in lump sum amounts at one time – investment in small amounts to build a large long term portfolio.

Better Average Cost
Lower your average costs by purchasing during high and low of market cycles; no worries about timing the markets.

Wide range of choice
Choose between stocks, Gold ETFs or Index ETFs, plan and manage your own investments to build a strong portfolio.

Research based investment.
Our research advice helps you to choose value stocks

Buy & sell stocks, suspend and restart your SIP at your convenience.

How to create SIP Online

  1. Log on to your trading account and create a SIP basket.
  2. Choose the nature of SIP.
  3. Select the Frequency of the SIP. It could be daily weekly, fortnightly, monthly.
  4. Select the period of the EQUITYSIP, which can range from 24 months – 120 months and choose a start date.
  5. Select the scrip, gold ETF or index ETF that you wish to invest in and the amount.
  6. Tick on Agree to Terms and Conditions and confirm your order.

Terms & Conditions apply

About IDBI Capital

IDBI CAPITAL MARKETS & SECURITIES LTD. (IDBI Capital), a wholly owned subsidiary of IDBI Bank Ltd., is a fully integrated financial services provider catering to the needs of retail, institutional and corporate clients. Incorporated in December 1993, today it has a net-worth of around INR 3 billion and employs over 200 employees in 14 branches, spread over 14 cities across India.

Investment Banking

Investment Banking
Capital Markets
Private Equity and M & A
Corporate Advisory

Inst Dealing and Broking

Institutional Dealing & Broking
Institutional Research team of analysts covering wide range of sectors
Strong Sales team
90+ Institutional Empanelments

Fund Management

Fund Management
Management Team for Surplus Fund Management & Advisory
Portfolio Management Services
Services are provided to PSUs / Banks / Institutions / Corporates / Trusts

Retail Broking

Retail Broking
Pan India Presence
Over 1.9 Lakh retail and HNI Customers
Awarded as ‘Best Investment Banking & Securities Services Company, 2018’ by International Brand Consulting Corporation (IBC), USA.
Fully integrated financial services provider: Corporate, Institutional & Retail clients.
Strong team of over 325 professionals & wide spread branch network.
Handled prestigious & high value government assignments, including as advisors to NIIF.


One of the oldest names in Financial Sector. Serving clients sincerely for more than 25 years


Strong Research Capabilities with wide coverage of companies across market capitalization


Client Centric Approach providing enhanced customer experience through unique need based selling approach


Portfolio Management Services from IDBI Capital is one complete professional management tool for your investments. It is conceptualized and created with an aim to deliver consistent returns on your investments. It offers wide range of customized solutions based on your investment need and pattern and includes benefits like Professional advice, transparency, individual demat account, detailed statements and reports and more..


Minimum Investment amount of Rs. 50 Lakhs (as per SEBI guidelines)
Additional top-ups can be made at any point of time
Partial withdrawal allowed. However, portfolio value should not fall below Rs. 50 Lakhs
Mode of tracking - Holding-cum-performance statement
Mode of payment - Cheque or existing portfolio of stocks or both

Who is an Ideal PMS Investor?

Ideal for HNIs / UHNIs
Investors who desire personalized investment solutions
Investors seeking a hassle-free investment with less monitoring
Investors who appreciate high level of service and understand the risks associated
Investors seeking long term wealth creation through diversified investment in equities

Strong pan India presence and strong parentage with capability and experienced hands to manage the client investments
Focused and disciplined investment approach with an objective of generating superior returns over medium to long term by identifying and investing in quality companies with good management track record.
Unique need based selling approach.
Provide enhanced customer experience through investment in processes, technology & infrastructures.
Strong In-House Research Capabilities
Benefits of Investment with IDBI PMS


Experienced & professional fund management team backed by strong research team.


Clients will have anytime access to monitor portfolio on web.


Securities will be held in Client’s own Demat Account.


Flexibly customizing the portfolio to suit specific client objectives.


Access to periodical reports & statements along with annual statements for taxation purpose.

Our Team

Mr. Ambrish Mishra, Portfolio Manager

Mr. Ambrish Mishra has more than 16 years of experience as Research and Investment professional, specializing in Indian and Global Equity Markets. He has worked across both sell-side and buy-side platforms with focus on multiple sectors in developed as well as developing economies. He has been part of the Investment Management team at one of the leading family offices globally, which has consistently outperformed the benchmark indices. Ambrish has been highly recognized and rated for his research work by some of the largest foreign and domestic asset managers during his past assignments. He is also the recipient of Best Analyst award by STARMINE (part of Refinitiv), which is recognized as the gold standard in objective measurement of analyst performance. By qualification, he is an MBA (Finance) and PG in Management Studies from University of Mumbai. He has also completed specialized capital market program ‘CPCM’ awarded by Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and University of Mumbai.

Mr. Ashwin Sharma, Sales, PMS

MBA in Finance from K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mr. Ashwin Sharma has 12 years of rich experience in serving HNI Customers and Sales & Distribution of Investment Products in Broking and Banking Sector. In past he has managed and worked with Sales teams of Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, Phillip Capital India Pvt. Ltd. and Aditya Birla Finance.
IDBI Focus 20:20 Strategy

Investment Objective:
IDBI Capital provides discretionary portfolio management services under its Equity oriented Portfolio Management Services (PMS) through a scheme named IDBI Focus 20:20 Strategy. IDBI Focus 20:20 Strategy is a medium risk strategy. The strategy has S&P BSE200 index as its benchmark. It aims at investing in high quality companies with strong and stable earnings growth prospects, across sectors, with an objective of generating above benchmark returns over a longer term (at least 3-5 years).

Investment Approach:
IDBI Focus 20:20 Strategy endeavours to invest in a concentrated portfolio of 20-25 stocks with a mix of large-cap and mid-cap companies having superior earnings growth potential, high ROE/ROCE, and low gearing. While selecting companies the portfolio manager would also assign high significance to the fact that these companies are available at reasonable valuations in context with its competitive positioning, technology/product edge, long term business scalability, management quality, and associated industry/company risks. IDBI Focus 20:20 strategy is a tailor-made investment solution that allows flexibility to have up to 100% exposure in Equities and may invest any un-deployed funds in liquid or debt oriented schemes of mutual funds or fixed deposits, depending on market volatility. The strategy may also use derivatives as hedging tool subject to extant Regulations. It is suitable for investors with a long term investment horizon (at least 3-5 years) and moderate risk taking ability. IDBI Focus 20:20 Strategy aims to achieve wealth creation for its investors over medium-to-long term through a disciplined investment approach, based on business and economic fundamental research. Portfolio manager would follow a fairly balanced top-down and bottom-up investment approach to meet the investment objective over the long term.

Investment Philosophy:

Based on principle of buying high quality companies at reasonable valuations
Investment decisions are based on determining value in relation to price, not price alone, thereby aiming towards high margin of safety.
Focus on consistently achieving good returns (outperforming benchmark) while protecting the downside risk and not on achieving extraordinary gains with significant risk of capital erosion.
Follow bottom-up sector agnostic framework of stock selection with a strong belief that different sectors offer opportunities across different stages of business cycles. Prefer avoiding commodity businesses.
Concentrated portfolio of 20-25 high quality stocks, aiming to achieve strong wealth creation for our clients over medium-to-long term.

Investment Risks:

Portfolio investments in securities are subject to market risk and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of the investments/strategy will be achieved.
Portfolio performance may be affected by changes in Government policies, general levels of interest rates and risks associated with trading volumes, liquidity, etc.
Any serious and or unpredictable global/local events could impact business/economic fundamentals, in turn impacting portfolio returns adversely.
Other wide ranging portfolio risks may include but may not be limited to – general economic slowdown, changes in government policies/regulations, changes in taxation rates/regulations, changes in fiscal/monetary policies, etc.

Note: Portfolio companies may or may not fulfill all the above conditions every time.

Invest Directly with Us

To avail and experience our PMS Services, please share your details below and we will get in touch with you for more details and further process.

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Partner with Us

Let’s grow together.

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NRI Corner

India now ranks as 5th largest economy in the world (source: 2019 World Bank data) and is recognized as one of the fastest growing economy globally. Fundamental growth story of India makes it one of the most rewarding investment destinations for investors, both domestic and foreign. Some of the key economic growth drivers for India remain intact and are highlighted below:

One of the youngest population in the world
World’s largest consuming population
Low retail penetration
Multi-year infrastructure demand
Rising shift towards financial assets

For non-resident Indians (NRIs), one of the best ways to profit from the India growth story is by participating in the growth of companies that will make the most of the country’s secular GDP growth. Investing in Equity instrument of these companies offers strong long term wealth creation opportunities for NRIs. Equity investments in Indian companies offers an attractive opportunity for Indians based abroad and looking to participate in India growth story.

As investors think about investing in Indian equities, one comes across thousands of Indian stocks listed on local stock exchanges (NSE and BSE). Here, right stock picking becomes extremely critical to avoid investing errors. Identifying potentiality of a stock in India does hold an important ground and that requires deep, consistent, and unbiased research. Because of its transparent and customised investment approach, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) have become one of the most popular investment avenues amongst NRIs who want to invest in India.

To meet growing need of NRIs for professional services designed for Equity portfolio management from reputed financial service provider, IDBI Capital now provides option to NRIs to invest in professional Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and benefit from services of qualified equity professionals for their investment portfolios.


PMS is regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
Minimum investment required to open a PMS account, as per SEBI guideline, is Rs. 50 lakhs.
PMS account can be opened either by paying through direct funds transfer or through transfer of existing investment portfolio.

NRI Documents Checklist for PMS Account

For more details please feel free to contact us on:

Sales Queries:
Mobile: +91 99203 75495
Email: pms@idbicapital.com

Customer services:
Mobile: +91 76780 71402
Email: pmssupport@idbicapital.com


PMS Brochure

Disclosure Document



Fee Structure


Client Agreement Template

Please contact customer services to get a copy.
Awards & Recognitions
Contact Us

IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Limited

6th Floor, IDBI Tower, World Trade Center,

Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 605, India

Tel. : +91 22 2217 1700

For Sales Queries, contact:

Mobile: +91 99203 75495

Email: pms@idbicapital.com

For Customer Services, contact:

Mobile: +91 76780 71402

Email: pmssupport@idbicapital.com

About COVER order


  1. Get leverage upto 20 times on your Intraday equity as well as futures position
  2. Enhance profit potential by capturing intraday movements in stock prices
  3. Cap losses based on client’s requirements.


  • You have taken BUY position on Yes bank at default Market rate (i.e Rs.803)
  • The cover order (i.e SELL order) will be placed together, with a trigger price of Rs.794 & Limit price of Rs.785

Note:: In cover order you need to hold your funds through Hold/Release before placing order. Clients are allowed to place Cover orders from 9:15 am till 3.10 pm.

Terms & Conditions apply

About HNW Desk

HNW Desk expertise lies in extreme efforts taken to preserve and maintain HNI client investments with help of extensive scientific research carried out by experienced professionals. IDBI Capital offers advice to HNI clients on asset allocation, product selection, diversification, NCD, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) and many more.

Key Strengths of HNW Desk

  • Best research based advisory to expand HNI client financial reach.
  • Tailor-made financial advice as per specifications.
  • Understanding towards customer investment behaviour and their economic goals.
  • Assistance on Portfolio Review and Diversification.
  • Well Informed and Qualified staff to cater your requirements.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to manage trading account and related queries.
  • Dedicated Advisor to manage Investments and dealing activities.
  • Secured access to your investment anytime.
  • Special Privilege to IDBI Bank Preferred / Royal / Royal + Customers.
  • Swift response to customer email and calls.
  • Competitive Fee/Brokerage Structure.


Who qualifies as HNI?
HNIs or high net-worth individuals (HNIs) belong to the financial services sector where a class of individuals has an investible surplus of more than INR 10 lakh.

What are the eligibility criteria for HNI in India?
To be qualified as a HNI, one needs to be -
  • A citizen of India (can be an NRI too except citizenship of USA and Canada)
  • Investment to be INR 10 lakh and above
  • To hold a valid PAN card (in case of Indian)

Account Opening Charges Rs.500/-
Delivery Brokerage (per leg) 0.50%
Square-off Brokerage (Per leg) 0.05%
Futures Brokerage (Per leg) 0.05%
Options Brokerage (Per lot Per leg) Rs 100 per lot per leg

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum brokerage/charges for scrips priced upto Rs 10/- : Rs. 0.04 per share.
  • Minimum brokerage/charges Rs. 25/- per exchange per segment *
    *Subject to maximum brokerage limits specified by SEBI from time to time.
  • The above mentioned rates of brokerage will be applicable to all trades of the client. Brokerage rates for trades shall be ascertained product-wise. Square off brokerage will be charged for contra legs of the same product type on the same Exchange on the same trading day. In case of Contra trades on a particular trading day across different products or across Exchanges, Delivery Brokerage shall be applicable. In case of Open positions of prior trading days within the same product, accounting shall be on FIFO basis and Delivery Brokerage shall be applicable.
  • Service Tax, STT, Stamp Duty and other Statutory/Exchange charges, as applicable, will be charged in addition to the brokerage rates mentioned above.
  • IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Limited reserves the rights to withdraw/modify the plan at its sole discretion with 15 days prior notice published on our website.
  • Brokerage @ 1% shall be applicable on trades executed in Encash Product (on permissible Exchanges).
  • KRA Charges : Rs. 100/-



  1. This facility enables the clients to receive sale proceeds on Trade day (T-day) as against the normal T+2 settlements.
  2. The facility is available only in respect of Sell transactions in the Cash Market on BSE.
  3. The facility is available only to Resident Indian clients.
  4. Funds shall be transferred to the client’s account at the end of day only if the securities sold are received by IDBI Capital.
  5. The stock sold should be available in the client’s demat account registered with IDBI Capital.
  6. Funds will be transferred to client’s account after accounting for all other obligations due from the client to IDBI Capital
  7. A flat brokerage rate of 1% shall be charged to the client for “En Cash” transactions.
  8. In case of trades executed under this facility on a day which is a Bank or Clearing holiday, settlement shall be made on the immediate following trade day.
  9. Orders placed under other products/facilities cannot be converted to ENCASH; similarly ENCASH orders cannot be converted to other products/facilities.


  1. The E-margin product/facility enables clients to buy stocks today & pay up to 5 days from the date of settlement of the trade.
  2. Margins will be levied at 25% ; MTM loss will also be charged to margin and are subject to change based on market conditions, internal and external regulations.
  3. Interest will be charged @ 0.06% (on 365 days basis).
  4. Client position may be “Converted to Delivery” or Squared off by IDBI Capital at any time on account of risk considerations.
  5. On or before , T+7 trading day E-Margin positions should be “Converted to Delivery” or Squared off by the client before 14:30 hours failing which these may be squared off by IDBI Capital. All losses incurred/ profits booked upon such square off shall be to the client’s account.
  6. No further exposure will be granted if a position remains open beyond T+7 days from the day of original trade, only delivery sell to square off the debits will be allowed.
  7. In case of short delivery on the settlement of the trade, the short delivered quantity will be treated as Convert to Delivery (C to D), while the balance quantity will be continued under E-Margin.
  8. Convert to delivery for E Margin trades are based on FIFO method and brokerage shall be charged accordingly.
  9. Brokerage for E-Margin trades is also calculated on FIFO method.
  10. This facility is restricted to such scrips as may be decided by IDBI Capital from time to time.
  11. The facility is available only to Resident Indian clients.
  12. E-Margin positions will be continued until: - The client / IDBI Capital exercises the Convert to Delivery options. - Positions remain open till T+7 day from the trade date.


  1. Under this facility Clients have the option to sell their securities marked as Collateral in favour of IDBI Capital.
  2. This facility can be availed by the client subject to availability of adequate unencumbered stock/collateral in the client accounts.
  3. This facility is available only to clients having a DP account with a Depository Participant who is an Alliance Partner of IDBI Capital and as permitted by IDBI Capital from time to time.
  4. The facility is available only to Resident Indian clients.


  1. This facility permits the clients to invest systematically at specified intervals in securities on BSE by stating the scrips and number/amount to be invested.
  2. An initial set up charge of Rs. 100/- per equity SIP will be levied.
  3. The client must ensure and provide for sufficient funds for execution of the SIP on the respective dates.
  4. A maximum of 10 scrips can be included in each SIP.
  5. Clients are required to sign a separate Enrolment Form/Login in online for each new SIP.


Upon selection of the said product at the time of trade, the client agrees that the above terms and conditions of the respective product/facility shall be applicable.

Additionally the client may also trade in equities under cash and carry (CNC) and the derivatives segments as per the options selected by the client at the time of account opening or thereafter.

The above terms and conditions are supplemental to the Additional Terms and Conditions specific to IDBI Capital Market Services Limited agreed to by the client at the time of account opening.

Note : Square off brokerage will be charged for two contra legs of the same product type on the same Exchange on the same trading day. In case of Contra trades on a particular trading day across different products or across Exchanges, Delivery Brokerage shall be applicable.

About Mutual Fund

With IDBIdirect.in, you can effortlessly transact in mutual funds offered by leading asset management companies (AMCs) in India through internet login or over the phone. You can invest in the schemes of some of the best known AMC in India. You can do so using your online login or with the help of our TOP desk.
Investments are managed by professional Fund Managers.


When Mutual Fund offers units of its new scheme to the public for the first time, the process is known as NFO (New Fund Offering).The same will be available online and offline.


Invest in a disciplined fashion at monthly, Quarterly, half yearly or yearly frequency in Mutual Fund schemes of your choice. See your investments grow to achieve your long term financial goals.

Benefits of MF SIPs

  • Disciplined approach to investment to grow your money.
  • Flexibility to invest small amounts every month.
  • Convenient and hassle free mode of investment.
  • Easy to redeem at one click - No paper work –Signature mismatch etc.