Service Request
Click on any of the below mentioned Service Request you wish to place
Take a print of the relevant Service Request form; fill it up completely along with the signatures of the Account holder(s). Submit to the nearest IDBI Capital branch, along with the necessary supporting documents.
Sr.No. Caption Download
1 Nomination Form and Declaration for Trading and Demat
2 Declaration Form for opting out of nomination for Trading and Demat
3 Declaration for Email and Mobile
4 Client Profile/Account Modification
5 Offline to Online Conversion
6 Online to Offline Conversion
7 Mobile Trading Consent Letter
8 Change of Name in Trading Account
9 Transmission Form
10 Transposition form
11 KYC Application form for Mutual Funds
12 Gold ETF SIP Application Form
13 Activation Form for T+7 Facility
14 FATCA-CRS Declaration Form-Individual
15 FATCA-CRS Declaration Form-Entities
16 Trading and Demat closure form
17 Transposition form closure
18 IDBI Opting out of Trading_Segment
19 Framework for Freeze/Block of online access to trading account
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  Permanent/Correspondence Address:
Your Correspondence Address is registered in our system at the time of opening your Trading/demat account. Companies in which you hold shares in demat form use this address for sending cheques & warrants for payment of dividend, interest or maturity proceeds, & all other communications such as annual reports, rights offers etc. IDBI Capital dispatches Account statement & other communication to this address.
You can view the correspondence address currently registered in your Account Profile. . Please ensure that any change in the address is communicated to us at the earliest.
Procedure for change of address:
1.Download Profile Change Request form: Profile Change Request Form can be downloaded through download link. It should then be filled completely, signed and sent to IDBI Capital along with a proof of address.
2.Documents required for Address change: As per NSDL requirements, you need to attach a photocopy of any one of the following documents as your proof of new address and identity:
A) Proof of Address:
  • Voter ID
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Ration card
  • Telephone bill (Only Landline & not preceding two months)
  • Electricity Bill (not preceding two months)
  • Rent Agreement
  • Latest Bank statement(not preceding two months)
  • Aadhar Card
  • B) Proof of Identity:
    Voter id/ Driving License/ Passport/ Pan Card/ Aadhar card
    C) Latest copy of Transaction / Holding statement.
    3.Dispatch the Change request form to IDBI Capital branch. After the Profile Change Request form is filled up in all respects, it should be duly signed by all holders of the Demat/Trading account. The form along with the Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and Latest Copy of Transaction / Holding statement should be submitted to the nearest Branch of IDBI Capital.
    4.Process after submission of documents:
    On receipt, IDBI Capital will verify the form and the proof submitted. If the form & proof is in order, IDBI Capital will incorporate Change in Address as per request.
  • A letter confirming change of address will be sent to the you by post
  • Client’s can check their Account profile to confirm the modified address
  •   Change of Email Id / Tel No:
      Change of Bank Details/ Additional bank Details:
      Change of Demat / Additional Demat Details:
      Nomination Request:
      F&O Activation request:
      Offline to Online Conversion:
      Online to Offline Conversion:
      Mobile Trading (Wireless Trading):
      Change of Name in Trading Account:
      Transmission Form:
      Transposition Form: